Canaan AvalonMiner A1066 pro 55th Bitcoin Blockchain Mining Rig Asic Crypto Miner

Short Description:

Model: AvalonMiner A1066 Pro

Brand: Canaan

Minable coins: BTC/BCH

Encryption Algorithm: SHA256

Hashrate: 55TH/s (+/-3%)

Power supply: 3300W (+/-5%)

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Avalon 1066 Pro miner integrates 240 16nm A3205 ASIC chip, and achieves an astonishing power-to-power ratio, which further reduces the overall power consumption of the miner.

Avalon miner 1066 pro miner was released in February 2020. The Avalon miner 1066 pro generates bitcoin with the maximum hashrate of 55TH/s, total power consumption of 3300W, the power efficiency of 60 J/TH, an operating temperature 5c-35c, power dimension of 331 x 195 x 292mm, and cooling of 4 x 12038 fans. The miner comes with 75 decibels of sound, making the noise environmentally friendly and perfect for home mining activities.

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Canaan AvalonMiner A1066 pro features include a built-in AI chip, straightforward to maintain, good quality and safety, a user-friendly interface, unique and encouraging designs. Mining with Avalon miner 1066 pro makes mining effortless, efficient and profitable. The equipment has a powerful fan designed to cool down the chips and miner during the system operation and created with a Canaan Kedryte K2I0 artificial intelligence with SoC smart controller.

Product Parameters

Model AvalonMiner A1066 Pro
Brand  Canaan
Minable coins BTC/BCH
Encryption Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 55TH/s (+/-3%)
Power supply  3300W (+/-5%)
Fan(s) 4
Network connecting Type RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Equipment size(L*W*H) 331mm*195mm*292mm
Noise Level 70db
Net weight 12.8kg
Gross weight(1 carton) 14.1kg

Tips for Maintenance of Miner

Power Consumption

When the actual output of power supply cannot meet the needs of miners, the miner will be under performs. It is recommended that the power supply should be 20% higher than the power consumption of miners.

Specification of Power Cord

At 220V, it is recommended to use a power cord of 10A or above with a length of 1.5m or less. At 110V, it is recommended to use a power cord of 17A or above with a length of 1.5m or less.

Interface of Power Cord

The Antminer APW series PSU adopt the C13 connector (conventional desktop power plug). For other specifications of power supply, please consult the manufacturer.

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