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JSBIT at Mining Disrupt 2022

JSBIT at Mining Disrupt 2022

JSBIT at Mining Disrupt 2022

JSBIT at Mining Disrupt 2022

August 26, 2022

JSBIT at Mining Disrupt 2022

JSBIT – The leading crypto mining hardware provider was this year’s Powered by sponsor for Mining Disrupt 2022, we held an Opening Party in the gorgeous deck at Island Gardens, which allowed everyone to meet new and interesting people prior to the event, while enjoying the beautiful views that Miami had to offer. It was incredible to witness so many key players in the industry share their thoughts on the market and its future.

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The event was jam-packed with new and exciting tech, business, and insights from miners around the globe. Mining Disrupt 2022 officially began with a keynote speech by JSBIT’s own Alan Martinez, shared his optimistic insights into the current bear market. The speech provided an amazing and informative speech geared towards the mining community and how the bear market should be dealt with.  “The Bear Market Coming” was a look inside the mind of miners alike, and an introduction to JSBIT, The leading crypto mining hardware provider. The speech by Alan successfully set the tone for a positive and forward-looking event where like-minded individuals could share their opinions on the industry. 

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This 2-day event created an opportunity for JSBIT to showcase our wonderful sales professionals. Being the powered by sponsor, we made our presence known to those in every aspect of the event from the welcome party, opening speech, and to all those who we had the pleasure of meeting throughout the event. We successfully blended professionalism with fun by adding a cash cube filled with discounts, a colorful spin wheel for prizes, and a raffle for an ASIC miner if you happen to find lady luck by your side. 

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JSBIT would like to thank everyone who stopped by at our amazing booth, it was such a great experience connecting with every single one of you, as industry leaders, investors, and professionals who shared and discussed in-depth blockchain enterprise-level solutions for cryptocurrency mining. JSBIT is proud of our sales professionals for educating people about our primary services which include…

  1. Sales Professionals of Crypto Miners
  2. Test and Repair Service
  3. Sales on Commission/Consignment Services
  4. Trustworthy and Efficient Global logistics


Please contact sales@jsbit.com if you would like to inquire about our crypto miners or would like to start your crypto mining journey with us. 

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