Jsbit Attended 2019 Global Block Day2
JSBIT Attended 2019 Global Block Day-Shenzhen

JSBIT Attended 2019 Global Block Day-Shenzhen

JSBIT Attended 2019 Global Block Day-Shenzhen

Time: 11th Nov, 2019 Location: Shenzhen

Jsbit Attended 2019 Global Block Day

We all know that Double 11 shopping carnival is an amazing and star shopping day for E-commerce in China! Now the first block day for Blockchain also in double 11 is coming. JSBIT was present in this activity in order to learn more about the frontier information of the industry and let more people familiar with JSBIT.

This Block Day was held by Niushi.io, Bitao and Block Global in Shenzhen, 2019. Top Blockchain talents and industry leaders were invited to discuss from origin to the future, from cognition to application, to fully empower the development of the digital economy, and start the trend of the digital era with one click. With the steady progress of the blockchain industry, the deep integration of the mining circle and the currency circle, and the collision of opportunities and challenges, a new wave of digital economic revolution is about to be set off.

Digital currencies are surging in 2019, and every change in the underlying technology will bring a new wave of industrial dividends. Blockchain technology has brought the Internet of Information into the Internet of Value, which has subversive potential in the pan-financial field, and redefines the trust mechanism in the digital times.

The share of many high-quality projects and wonderful round table forums brought many insights to JSBIT. We are having a clear understanding of the trend and direction of future industry development. Jsbit will cultivate in this new and promising industry and provide customers with more and more professional products and services.

Post time: Nov-11-2019