Global Mining Forum in Chengdu2
JSBIT – Global Mining Forum in Chengdu, 2020

JSBIT – Global Mining Forum in Chengdu, 2020

JSBIT – Global Mining Forum in Chengdu, 2020

Time: 28th-29th May, 2020 Location: Chengdu

Global Mining Forum in Chengdu

In the past decades, the digital asset field has risen and expanded rapidly. The digital asset mining industry has also developed vigorously and has become the most upstream segment of the digital asset field. To exchange and share the challenges and opportunities of the mining industry, the Global Mining Forum City Summit-Chengdu, the first industry event in 2020, had invited nearly 70 founders and principals of cryptocurrency mining and financial service institutions such as Poolin, Bixin, Bitmain, Jsbit, Matrixport, FBG Capital, Amber Group, HashKey Capital. As the strategic partners of miners manufacturer and professional provider of mining solutions, Jsbit also wanted to see all mining forces to unit and work so that more digital asset users and the general public can approach and understand digital mining.

Regarding the conference discussion of the value and positioning of mining companies like Jsbit, there should be 4 points to explain why:

1. For miner manufacturers, they need mining companies to help them complete sales quickly which allowing them to withdraw more fund back for reproduction, and complete the popular science education of mining for new users.

2. Advantage of spot products. Investors need mining companies for mining companies usually have products in stock while miner manufacturers sell futures.

3. Advantage of spot price. Investors could get products with lower price from mining companies.

4. Sale of second-hand mining machines needs mining companies. The channels to sell second-hand mining machines, the issue of trust in the payment and product quality test and control, all these need mining companies involved to quickly solve the problems.

With establishing long-term friendly business relationship with miner manufacturers like Bitmain, MicroBT and etc., Jsbit quickly became the leading mining company in domestic market and was on the process in expanding our business in overseas countries.

Detailed conference info could be found in global Mining Forum’s official website:

Post time: May-28-2020