Model: T2T

Brand: Innosilicon

Minable coins: BTC/BCH

Encryption Algorithm: SHA256

Hashrate: 33Th/s (+/-5%)

Power supply: 2600W (+/-10%)

Innosilicon T2T 33Th SHA256 2600W Bitcoin Mining Rig
Innosilicon T2T 33Th SHA256 2600W Bitcoin Mining Rig
Innosilicon T2T 33Th SHA256 2600W Bitcoin Mining Rig


Innosilicon T2T is an ASIC mining machine Integrated Circuit miner, which was released in October 2018 and it works with the SHA-256 algorithm.

Innosilicon T2T has four working modes with different hash rates, power consumption & efficiency. The device has an enhanced ASIC chip that gives mining high productivity and efficiency.

Innosilicon T2T can mine up to 40 different coins but it mines Bitcoin (BTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as its top coins. The company offers affordable and profitable mining hardware and has over time proven its reliability.

The miner automatically finds a corresponding frequency based on the voltage and power supply, this happens when the miner is set at “performance+mode”, this process is automatic and needs no automatic overclocking.

The device power consumption is in a different mode. the higher frequency works with more power and brings higher electricity costs.

Innosilicon T2T 04
Innosilicon T2T 02
Innosilicon T2T 03


Innosilicon T2T 33T consumes a total power of 2600W and a hashing power of 33TH/s.

The device has two fans at the front and end for heat dissipation and air circulation.

T2T has a power supply unit and weighs 9kg. It comes with a 141 x 220 x 391mm size dimension and uses an Ethernet network interface.

Innosilcon T2T 33T miner has about 75db noise level which is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner sound.

Product Parameters

Model T2T
Brand  Innosilicon
Minable coins BTC/BCH
Encryption Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 33Th/s (+/-5%)
Power supply  2600W (+/-10%)
Energy efficiency ratio(25 ℃ environment,J/TH)  
Network connecting Type Ethernet
Equipment size(L*W*H) 309mm*203mm*290mm
Carton size(L*W*H) 410mm*290mm*390mm
Net weight 10kg
Gross weight(1 carton) 15kg


The following events will void the warranty:

1. Customer removes/replaces any components by himself without receiving permission from us.

2. Miner/boards/components damaged by water immersion/corrosion or wet environment.

3. Corrosion caused by exposed circuit boards or components to water and moisture.

4. Damage caused by low-quality power supply.

5. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips.

6. Mixed boards: any or all of the hash boards or control boards in a Product are not the original parts of such Product, or anything preventing us from determining whether the hash boards or control boards are the original parts of such Product.

7. Product damage resulting from non-commonality or incompatibility with current or future versions of operating systems, software or hardware.

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