1. Mining Rigs Environment Temperature: -10℃ to 45

The Whole machine uses one input, one output and two fans for cooling, and the air inlet fan is equipped with a metal protective cover. It is caused by the metal protective cover pressing the fan blades, as long as the metal protective cover is pulled out a little. A high-grade aluminum case, customized heat-sinks and two computer-controlled fans to keep it cool. ensure that the hot air is rapidly replaced by cooler air at the required pace.            

2. Power Consumption

When the actual output of power supply cannot meet the needs of miners, the miner will be under performs. It is recommended that the power supply should be 20% higher than the power consumption of miners.

3. Power Supply

It's recommended to connect one power supply to one miner. One miner can be connected to one or multiple power supplies, but multiple miners shall not be connected to multiple power supplies. One hashboard can only be driven by one power supply. It's prohibited to provide multiple power supplies for one hashboard.

4. Dust Prevention

When the air duct before the heat sink of the miner is blocked, the miner's working performance will be affected. It's easy to trigger temperature protection and halt the miner. In other words, don't allow too much dust to accumulate on the heat sink of the miner.