JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner - Blog image
JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner

JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner

JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner

JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner - Image

By Alan Martinez and Cindy He Dec 13, 2022

Many people say that they support bitcoin and its adoption but very few step up to make things happen let alone bring it to the political world. On this week’s JSBIT Blog we want to shed some light on Dennis Porter and the Satoshi Action Fund dinner held on November 18th, 2022. It was an interesting event because many were just coming off the incredibly successful Texas Blockchain summit held by Lee Bratcher. The dinner room was filled with Bitcoin Miners, Blockchain experts, and Crypto enthusiasts looking to see what was being done on a political level.

JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner - image

This is what they have to say for those who may not know of the Satoshi Action Funds Mission. “Satoshi Action Fund is a nonpartisan, non-profit, educational organization dedicated to informing policymakers and regulators about the benefits of   Bitcoin mining and how it can be used as a tool to stabilize the grid, grow our economy,  and clean up the environment. Satoshi Action actively engages in political campaigns and grassroots efforts to reshape the public policy landscape”. Not only did they engage with politicians, but they showed their appreciation to the community by handing out awards to a select few individuals that stood out, such as Natalie Brunel, who won best in media. We at JSBIT want to recognize Dennis Porter for his positive outlook, hard work ethic, and community-driven attitude.

JSBIT at the Satoshi Action Fund Dinner-image

In the end, time and nonstop action will tell us where we will be in this industry, but it feels great knowing we have people advocating for our right to mine and own BTC. JSBIT also believes that Proof-of-Work will revolutionize energy systems across the USA while simultaneously revitalizing rural and economically depressed communities. This aligns with our thoughts on the idea that BTC can improve your life no matter who you are or where you come from. If you are interested in mining and are looking to learn more, please reach out to us, and it would be our pleasure to share our knowledge. Thanks again to Satoshi Action Fund for the well-made event JSBIT hopes to be at the next one.


Post time: Dec-16-2022